Wednesday, May 23, 2018

To Beard or Not to Beard | Father's Day 2018 Exclusives!

This year's Father's Day exclusives are absolutely amazing! Don't miss out on these products. Only 2 products are left online and they're my 2 favorites so definitely grab them while you can! The exfoliating face scrub is like the BFF but specifcally for men and the shaving chunk is going to last forever with its amazing grapefruit scent.

Grab these three products as a bundle or individually:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

$99 May 2018 Starter Kit! + Bonus Exclusives!

Our May Starter Kit is here and features some brand new seasonal summer products as well as a few of our exclusive products! Whether you want to keep the discount for yourself or start your very own business, Starter Kit is always the very best deal and something I'd highly recommend taking a look at if you're a Posh fanatic. You'll get full-sized products, the consultant discount, and all our Posh resources at your fingertips for only $99! The kit also includes an exclusive face mask, 3 super cute Posh bags, samples and more business tools to get you started! Ever thought about it? Let me know if you have questions!