Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Perfectly Posh | Quickstart Rewards Program

If you're new to Perfectly Posh, you are eligible to earn even more goodies in the first 60 days of joining in our Quickstart Rewards Program! Starting from the day you join, these goals are a great way for you to kickstart your business and there are plenty of resources and support offered to you from our home office and team. These are the goals that I would recommend any consultant familiarize themselves with so that they can reach for them or help their new team members reach for them. Everyone can earn with this rewards program!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Perfectly Posh | $99 February 2018 Starter Kit

Become part of our Posh family today with this our amazing February Starter Kit! For $99, you'll get 13 full-sized products including brand new products and best selling products! You'll receive business tools to get started including 2 additional bundles of samples this month, 3 cute bags, and more! You'll also have access to all Posh resources including graphics, training, and giveaways.

A couple of reasons why NOW is a great time to join:

  1. Our new Pink Ink core and Spring seasonal catalog just launched! That means you're getting started with brand new products and this kit includes products from both catalogs. 
  2. We're at the beginning of our Posh cycle which means you actually have until the end of December 2018 (practically a full year!) to hit your $300 personal sales minimum to stay active into the next period. 
  3. Get 2 extra bundles of Spring samples to share!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Perfectly Posh | Mentoring Marks: More ways to earn rewards!

Our new Mentoring Marks program is perfect for new consultants as well as current consultants growing their team! Mentoring Marks will be earned for each new team member you add to your team, and your new team member will earn them, too! Then, in addition to the Quickstart bonuses you can both receive when your new team member begins, we’ll add additional Mentoring Marks to both of your redeem tabs. Mentor Marks can be used toward exclusive items! Are you excited about this opportunity?