Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: All You Need is Love Lip Balm

All You Need is Love ( & a really big, super-moisturizing lip balm)

The All You Need is Love lip balm is huge! It's the same size as all of our Skin Sticks which means it's roughly 3.75 inches tall and under 1 inch in diameter. Although the Healer is also great to use as a lip balm, All You Need is Love was designed specifically for your lips and is meant to be incredibly moisturizing. With a blend of olive, argan and sunflower oils in a shea butter base, this lip balm is a great alternative to conventional lip balms.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Starter Kit and Bonus Exclusive

May Starter Kit Exclusive

If you've tried the BFF face wash, then you probably understand why it's so many people's favorite Posh product. (Check out my review of the BFF HERE.) This month, our May starter kit includes an exclusive travel sized set BFF and Night & Day moisturizer. This is great for any BFF lover and traveler. The only way you can get this set is by grabbing the starter kit this month.

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