Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Product: Skindelicious Scrumptious Body Butter

One of our newest products is the line of Skindelicious Scrumptious Body Butters. These luxurious body butters are extremely moisturizing and will help heal your dry skin. These are ideal for super dry skin and I love recommending this for overnight use because it will last you through the night. You'll wake up with super soft skin and actually feel a difference in your skin. With these body butters, you won't need very much each time you use it. Since we use no fillers, a little bit goes a long way.

Skindelicious Scrumptious Body Butter

If you're familiar with Perfectly Posh, you may have heard of our Slather body butters. The Skindelicious is replacing the Slathers. What's the difference? The Skindelicious is new and improved with more luxurious textures and larger containers. The Skindelicious has a lot smoother of a texture which makes it a lot easier to apply. If you had a favorite Slather scent, you'll find a few of them in the Skindelicious line as well. Brazilian Bombshell is still called Brazilian Bombshell. Lemon Rice is now called Fresh, Creamy Milk. My personal favorite, Sassyooma, is now called Scrumptious Sunshine. Below you can find descriptions of each of the different scents. Whatever you decide on, you won't be sorry. These are the best lotions you'll find and they're affordable too.

Do you have a favorite scent? Let me know what you think about this product in the comments. If you have any questions on any of our products, feel free to comment here or contact me at

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