Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why I Chose Perfectly Posh

Anyone who wants to earn extra money, a job that allows them to work from home, or something to do on the side could benefit from looking into direct selling. Direct sales companies are independent consultants who directly collect orders from you or collect orders through their online website. Very well known companies include Avon, Mary Kay, and Pampered Chef.

Self-employment gives you more control over your time.

I looked into direct sales because I'm a stay at home mom and I wanted to do something for myself that would also bring in some extra money. It's hard to work any part time job while being a parent to a young child so direct selling seemed to be the best option for me. I tried out several different companies before finding the perfect fit in Perfectly Posh. If you're looking into direct sales companies, I would highly suggest doing your research and paying attention to who you're signing up under. If you're serious about starting a business, then you'll want to pick an upline that is willing and able to provide support and assistance.

I am Posh.

I've been with Perfectly Posh for over 2 years. When I first started, it was almost on a whim yet I've done better here than I ever thought I would. When I first learned about Perfectly Posh, I had already experienced struggles in other companies and I knew I needed something else. Perfectly Posh presented to me all the things I was looking for in a company that was lacking in the other companies that I had tried. Here are some of the reasons why I found Perfectly Posh to be different and worth committing to:

  1. Perfectly Posh is new! When I signed up, Perfectly Posh was only 2 months old which was huge for me. I wanted a company that wasn't over-saturated so that I could have the opportunity to grow a business. Even now, 2 years down the road, Perfectly Posh is still new. A lot of people haven't heard of it and consultants are still few and far between. In fact, I am only 1 of 2 consultants in my city right now according to the consultant locator. With just over 7000 consultants nationwide, there's enough customers to go all around.
  2. Perfectly Posh care about their consultants. I attended a Leadership event (which happens twice a year) about 2 months into joining and that was where I really fell in love. The founders of this company are absolutely passionate about this company and they know that the consultants are important. They care about our opinions and take them into account when coming up with new products and marketing materials. Additionally, everything I've learned from them has helped me in my own life as well as business. They don't make us conform to strict rules because they see us as partners in the business and they want us to be free to run our business how we want. 
  3. Non-competitive culture. From the beginning Perfectly Posh's founders wanted to set a good example. They didn't want this company to be competitive. They wanted a sharing culture among consultants and they've succeeded in creating just that. The people I've met through this company are amazing. They have helped me realize that everyone grows at a different pace. Everyone's different and that's okay. You'll find lots of help from other consultants whether they are in your team or not.
  4. Amazing, natural products. The products are all made in the USA and are all natural-based which means no yucky chemicals or junky fillers. I struggle with dry skin year round and these products have helped me immensely. I love that I don't have to worry about what's in the products for my kids as well. It's affordable and good enough for all of us to use.
  5. Pampering is what we're about. It's good to know that a company that you're investing so much time into knows what they're about and are sticking to it. Not everyone has the time or money to spend a day at the spa, but they do have 5 minutes a day to pamper themselves. Perfectly Posh is a way for everyone, especially moms, to think about themselves once in awhile. As a mom myself, I know how easy it is to let your needs slip away and this is an easy fix without taking too much time out of your day.

There are definitely more reasons as to why I decided to join Perfectly Posh and many more reasons why I'm still here, but these are just the major points. If you're thinking about joining any company, be sure to do your research. Perfectly Posh is great for those who want to sell to family/friends, but it also has huge potential for growth. If you have any questions about the company, be sure to see more info HERE or check out my current FAQs. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or contact me at

Posh Boom: First 1,000,000 Month!

Perfectly Posh is going strong this month! Before February is even over, we have hit our very first million dollar month in sales! That's huge considering February is one of the lowest months for sales for most companies. To celebrate, we are offering a sale for today only! 

6-pack Posh Boom Bar Bundle

Today only, buy 4 Boom Bars and receive 2 for free! That's a great deal on our new Boom Bar Volumizing Solid Shampoo. This bar is great for deep cleaning and volumizing while still retaining moisture. These bars are a great size at 6 oz. Cut them up to make it easier to use or cut into chunks for others to use.

Have you tried this? Let me know what you think in the comments! If you have any questions about this or any other product, you can contact me at

Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Gender Bender Charcoal Bar Soap

One of my absolute favorite products from Perfectly Posh is called the Gender Bender. It's called the Gender Bender because "pure clean doesn't discriminate." It is part of our detoxing line of products and it is basically a charcoal bar soap that gives a great deep clean by removing the pollution and toxins in your skin. Yes this soap does wash clear even though it's a black bar of soap which means it's also guy friendly. It has a great clean scent which I find really addicting. I'm absolutely addicted to this soap and can't wait to shower so I can use it. Even my husband admits that he loves this soap.

Read on to learn more about the Gender Bender.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Perfectly Posh Displays and Tips

I have done my share of events since I joined in December 2011 and I try to take photos of each setup. I have found that taking a picture after finishing setup is a lot easier than remember to do it later. I'm usually halfway through tearing down before I realize that I forgot to take a picture. Since the look of your display is very important at any event, especially vendor events, here are some updated pictures of my latest setups as well as some display tips.
Inline booth
Corner booth - Front view
Corner booth - Side view
 The common booth size at large events is 10' by 10' which gives you a lot of space to really play around. Above are photos of setups in this booth space size. It's really up to you how you do it, but you can easily fit in a couple standard tables without overcrowding. I usually always bring two long rectangular tables and see what works best when I get there. Some events give you a table to use and some do not so be sure to keep that in mind if you're running low on space in your car.

With the setup of your tables, it's common to do an inward or outward facing L-shape. It really just depends on how you want your booth to flow. I've found bonuses to both setups. One setup I did differently was with the above photo. Instead of an L-shape, I went with two tables pushed together in the middle front of my booth to form one huge square. This seemed to work well to get people to come into the booth and explore, but I don't know if I would do this setup again at this particular event. Every event is different so you always have to keep that in mind.

Outdoor event

Outdoor event under a 10' x 10' canopy
 Outdoor events can be a challenge with unpredictable weather, but it can be a very pleasant experience. I have a 10' by 10' white canopy that I use for outdoor events which is nice to define your space, but it isn't always necessary. At some outdoor events, I just ask for a spot in the shade and that works just fine too.

Displays can be very inviting to draw customers in. I like to make mine look as professional and fun as I can, but I also like it to be functional. Here are some tips when it comes to displays:
  • Find display items that compact down for easier transport or that serve a dual purpose. All my pink and black boxes are from Ikea. I stack them to create different levels and I also use the lids to help breakup items on the table. They also hold inventory when I'm transporting them. Other items that provide functionality and look great are apothecary jars. They can look great showing off product, but they'll also help you control inventory.
  • Cover your table to the floor is a must. Doing so creates a polished look, but it also hides items under your table from view. I use king size flat sheets along with my Perfectly Posh tablecloth, but you could be more creative by layering different fabrics or prints.
  • Make it as simple as possible. If you're working an event alone, you want to make sure that it's easy for a customer to navigate your table without a lot of assistance especially if it can be a busy event. In the past, I've used catalog pages in picture frames from the dollar store to provide information on products which customers can read on their own for products that need more explanation. Also, labeling inventory with pricing helps customers as well.
  • Signs are incredibly helpful if used correctly. They're pretty, but they also provide information. Keep in mind that you want to provide adequate info without overwhelming the customer. I've gotten signs from Perfectly Posh, but I've also made my own.

Do you have any questions about events or displays? Have any tips I didn't discuss here? Let me know in the comments.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Perfectly Posh: Bar Soap

Since Perfectly Posh is a pampering company, we obviously have lots of different bath product options. Among all the options are a variety of different {Chunk} bar soaps that are made in the USA with natural-based ingredients which means it's all quality controlled with no yucky chemicals. These are perfect for daily use and even gentle enough for face washing.

{Chunk} Big Bath Bar
These soaps are ginormous. They're larger than your average bar of soap and they'll last you at least 60 days. I say at least, because these things will last for a long time as long as they stay out of the stream of the water. You can also ensure they'll go far by cutting them into chunks (for different bathrooms or to put some by your sink to wash your face). To cut them into chunks, you'll want to warm them in the microwave in 10 second intervals and cut with a knife. Be careful with the exfoliating bars because they're more likely to crumble so I wouldn't recommend cutting those ones.

Snarky Bar - Exfoliating Bar Soap

Whether you're looking for a detoxing charcoal soap, a caffeinated soap to energize you in the morning, or just a good soap to use, we've got you covered. We even have a Plain Posh line that is free of all dyes and perfumes for anyone who is sensitive. 

Have a question about any of our products? Contact me at  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Perfectly Posh | February 2014 | New catalog and 22 new products!


22 New Products!

New products are here at Perfectly Posh including new soap bars, more Look Natural face products, new body butters and more! Visit my website to see them all now! Click HERE to see what's new. Everything in our catalog is under $25 making natural products affordable!

Join Now!

The new spring starter kit is full of new products mixed in with the old. Plus 2x the newest products to help jumpstart your business. Learn more HERE.

If you would like for me to help with your launch party, let me know! I would be happy to help out in any way I can. This has been a dream job and I would love to include you in my team. Join for your own personal discount or start your own business now. There's no catch!


Products I'm Excited For

This new catalog introduces many amazing products. Here's some that I can't wait to get my hands on. To learn more and see more products, click HERE.

My Hero Facial Sunscreen (with SPF 30+) | Boom Bar Volumizing Solid Shampoo | Good Morning, Beautiful Chunk Bar | Brazillian Bombshell Snarky Bar | Daily Grind Coffee Scrub | Scrumptious Sunshine Body Butter 

Perfectly Posh is a natural-based pampering line that gives you and your family peace of mind. Learn more HERE.

New Catalog!

View the new catalog now! If your favorite product is discontinued, be sure to look for it in the Closeout section or contact me to see if I have any in-stock!

About Me

Simone Nelson

I have been with Perfectly Posh since December 2011. After trying out several direct sales companies, I have ended up with this one and I LOVE it! The people and culture here is different from any other company and they truly care about their consultants. The products can't be beat either! I'm a mother of 2 young kids and I love how this gives me a chance to work while being a stay at home mom. I love helping people and this allows me to do so in my own time. If you have any questions about products, hosting, or joining, please let me know!