Friday, August 3, 2012


Date: July 24 - July 26
Place: University Guest House at the University of Utah
This was the 2nd Leadership event for Perfectly Posh and it is by far the best event to attend if you're ever able to. For $99, you get food and a hotel room for three days and two nights. Plus, you get a TON of goodies to take home. 

Leadership Schedule

Our first night started with introductions with the founders. All the consultants also lined up around the room in order of consultant number and we went around to introduce ourselves. It was really fun to see how far and wide Perfectly Posh has expanded. We are currently just over 1550 consultants in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. (Rhode Island, you were our last state un-Poshed and a consultant signed up before I could finish this post!)

We rotated between two sessions: Product Passion and Bundle-Mania. 

Product Passion with Ann Dalton and Sterling Chord: We discussed individual ingredients that are used in the Perfectly Posh products and their benefits as well as passed around containers so we could get our hands on each of the raw ingredients. Of course, the first container I open gets all over me. It was clay so super chalky and powdery which did not come out. And because I'm a klutz, I did it again with the aloe vera container which was in powder form, kind of like laundry detergent. Note to self: Read labels before opening containers sideways.

Bundle-Mania with Bob Hipple and Andrew McBride: A room full of Perfectly Posh products were available to the consultants as we put together our own bundles using the buy 5 get the 6th free promotion. We named our bundles and took pics of them. Several were chosen afterward to be read aloud to all consultants. It was really fun to see the different bundles that everyone came up with.

 Dinner was served on the lawn next to the Guest House. Catered by Apple Spice Junction, it was the perfect dinner to celebrate Pioneer Day in Utah which is a state holiday to commemorate the pioneers' entry into the state. A group of us were able to catch some of Liberty Park's firework show from afar to end the night as well. We all headed off to our rooms to see our room drop which consisted of a Sinful Skin in Tart Tootie and a Lil' Miss Frisky Bombinator.

1st night's room drop
Our second day was full of group sessions and smaller working sessions which we rotated through. The founders really are amazing people and they genuinely care about the consultants. We went through what they foresee for the future before we broke off into the first working session. 

The Pay Plan as Seen From the Top with Andrew: We went into depth with the Pay Plan and discussed the amazing earnings potential for the future. It's going to be a hard road, but it'll pay off in the end if I stick with it. It was a great eye-opener to see how much potential there was if you were to fully work this business. This could very well be the supplemental income that I've been looking for and it was a very good experience to see Andrew go over everything. I'm aiming high and I know that I can do it if I just keep at it. 

Plan for Your Business with Bob: I always finds talks with Bob to be very beneficial and can be applied to anything in life. He really does a great job at helping break things down so it isn't so overwhelming.  We discussed how you can break up your business into sections. Keeping consistent and doing something Posh every day will help you continue growth in your business.

Aren't You Pretty with Ann: I'll admit that the release of the new Pretty Please line made me very apprehensive. This session really helped open my eyes to the possibilities that Pretty Please offers to those 16 and older. It can really be summed up as a "business in a backpack" for the high school aged consultants. If they're busy with school and activities, this business is perfect for them because they can take it with them wherever they go. It's not a huge party based business, but it can be as flexible as they want it to be while earning some extra money on the side. 

Lunch that day was sack lunches provided by Paradise Bakery. Yum! A group of us ate them out on the lawn in the sun and it was a nice break outdoors. Then we were back in for the second set of working sessions.

The Pampered Soul with Bob and yoga instructor Lindsey Tanner: Although I wouldn't recommend doing a yoga session immediately after eating lunch, this was actually a very relaxing session. I really enjoy yoga and it was nice to have this pampering session in the middle of the day. Bob was a good sport and did everything the instructor did as well. 

Paperless Posh with Andrew: This was a great feedback discussion with Andrew where we talked about the paperless ordering that we can use on our smartphones. We also discussed the future technology that is being built for us. It will definitely be a lot easier to find and share things among consultants once they have it all done. I can't wait to see it!

The Power of Presentation with Ann: Ann always has such a great way of introducing products to people and it was fun to see all the new marketing tools that will be available to us. She showed us how important presentation can be an experience for a customer and how we can utilize some tools to do so, like putting magnetic business cards in with orders and using fun cards to write a handwritten thank you.

After our working sessions finished, everyone came together again and we went through "Planning to Lead & Succeed" with all the founders. We were given an annual cycle calendar which contained things we should be doing each month all year long. It really helped me to figure out what to focus on each month and I can't wait to put the calendar up so I can look at it regularly to remind myself to break down everything into smaller steps. Between each month, we were also given a TON of free stuff. It was mostly business tools that will be available in the Posh Portal soon which will be tremendously helpful.

The night came to a close at Trolley Square with dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and some shopping around the stores there. When we were done, we headed back to our hotel rooms to find our room drop to consist of some treats for us to enjoy. 

2nd night's room drop

Our last activity for Leadership4U took place the next morning at This is the Place Heritage Park where we took a tour to learn more about Utah history. We visited a few of the buildings there, took a train ride around the park, made our very own rag dolls, and watched Native American dancers perform various dances.

Using a loom like a pro
Learning how to turn sheep's wool into yarn
A visit to the drugstore
My very own rag doll!
Leadership is always such a great experience for anyone who is looking to grow their business. This was the last Leadership to allow all ranks to attend and I'm glad I was able to come. The future Leaderships will have some sort of rank requirement before you're able to sign up so be sure to grow your business so that you can attend next time around. It is well worth it!

All my Perfectly Posh goodies I came home with!