Saturday, March 17, 2012

Perfectly Posh Display

I've been doing a lot of vendor events lately and it definitely took awhile for me to get my setup figured out, but I've been able to get it down to a very nice setup that works for me. On the "Sharing Posh" Facebook page, display ideas are always being shared yet people are still interested in finding out different and unique ways of sharing Perfectly Posh with others. One thing that we've heard time and time again is that this business is whatever you want it to be. We have to keep in mind that there isn't only one way to do things and displays are no exception. As much as I love my display now, I'm also not against changing it up and making it better.

This was my very first attempt at a display for a vendor event. I forgot to take a picture at the event, but here is the basic layout of everything. At the event, the table was finished off with a black tablecloth and a lot of the pieces that elevated the product were hidden under the tablecloth. All the display pieces here were things I already had on hand from Joann's except the glass jars and plates. The glass jars were from Hobby Lobby and the plates were from Target. I didn't have a lot of time to put it together and this picture was actually taken the night before the event. The next time around, I was able to dedicate more time to my display before hand and figure out how I wanted things done.

My next vendor event was my first time trying out all my display items. I was provided with a smaller than 6 ft table (which is the table size I usually use) so it was kind of squished. The hat boxes, black boxes, and memo board were purchased from Hobby Lobby when they had them for 50% off. The white box, pink tray, and pink tins were from Joann's. The plate and bowl were from Target. This was also my first time using my Perfectly Posh tablecloth which I was able to get from Leadership's Portal Shopping, but can also be purchased from the Posh Portal.

Another variation of my display. This time, it is on an 8 ft table provided for me. I didn't realize I would be able to fill it out so nicely, but the new catalog definitely bulked up the product line so the table size was actually perfect for me. Thankfully, I had enough display pieces on hand that I was able to use.

This display is on a 6 ft table here. The bathtub is a newer addition. It was purchased from Michael's and I used it to put samples in this time. Also, you can notice here that I put inventory in the boxes so that people knew that I had product on hand to sell.

Here is a picture of my suitcase that I use to bring with me to events. I bought the suitcase in a set from Kohl's on Black Friday before I became a consultant. It was never used until I needed something for Perfectly Posh. It was pure coincidence that it had polka dots much like Posh's polka dots. Inside the suitcase, I have two plastic containers that I use to store product. One container has testers while the other has inventory. It makes it a lot easier for me to setup like this and a lot easier when I need just the testers for home parties. My tablecloths are also folded along with some of my display items and laid on top of the boxes which helps keep everything in place. My other display items fit inside my hat boxes nicely so my whole display only takes me two trips if I'm alone. I have my whole display routine down now that it's a lot easier for me to prepare for shows which frees up my time for other things. If you have ideas to share for displays or anything like that, be sure to share them on the Sharing Posh Facebook page or comment below. Thanks!