Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leadership Unleashed! - Day 2: Working Sessions

We broke up into smaller groups and attended several working sessions throughout the day. Here's a quick overview of what we learned from each session:

We made samples with Bob and Sterling while Helene taught us how to put together a hostess handbook. More information on the hostess handbook can be found in the Posh Portal.

We went over the different ways we would be using technology for our business. Stay tuned for an amazing website that will address just about every problem we have now and look forward to see more usages with the QR codes.

Some great things we learned about here were that the {Slather} is perfect to infuse moisture while the {Handle} is perfect to protect the moisture already in your hands. Ann also introduced us to the face steamer idea here that would be great for parties. All you need are some inexpensive bowls (she got some from the dollar store) and a hot water kettle. Pour the hot water into the bowl and throw in bits of a {Bombinator} or steamer tablet. Have some towels handy for customers to put over their heads as they breathe in the steam.

There was a lot of very useful information from this session. Some key points from the presentation are below:
- Stewards of People's Dreams: You have a responsibility to deliver on those dreams. You sell products but you market hope and opportunity. Leadership is about one life influencing another.
- "Keys to Building a Business" from Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks: All of the founders of Perfectly Posh believe that the consultants are the heart of the company. The keys that Mr. Schultz points out that made Starbucks what it is today is definitely something that Perfectly Posh can relate to. Some important keys: build a company with soul, be passionate, it's about doing the right thing, create a sense of community, etc. Definitely look this up if you're interested in more. Perfectly Posh is a company that is more than just pampering products and these points definitely help you see that.
- Tap Rooting: You want to communicate with your downline. Watch your downline reports and encourage and help when necessary.
- Acknowledgement VS Compliment: You compliment someone by saying, "Great job for meeting your goal," versus an acknowledgement that would be something like, "You were really dedicated and creative which helped you reach your goal." It is better to acknowledge qualities than it is to compliment actions.
- Coaching VS Training: Training is teaching concepts and techniques. Coaching is guiding and supporting.
- Formula of Failure: "Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. We do not fail overnight. Failure is the result of an accumulation of poor thinking and poor choices. Failure is nothing more than a few errors in judgment repeated every day." -John Rohn
- Formula for Success: "A few simple disciplines practiced every day." - Jim Rohn

We went through practices on calculating pay plans and it showed us that it was super easy to figure out the pay plan. If you have questions, contact customer service or email me and I can help you figure it out.

We got to see some of the new product and make mini commercials with the products. Everyone who got in front of the camera got to pick out a new product. Check out all the videos on Vimeo HERE.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leadership Unleashed! - Day 2: Landscape of our Business

DAY 2:
This day was a nonstop day of Posh information. We went through the "Landscape" of our business with all the founders. Like a bell curve, we were presented with four different phases by each of the founders. Below is an overview of what we learned and what was found in our packets.

I. PLANNING AND PLANTING - This is the introduction phase presented by Ann. We're still in this stage now which means we're "new, blank, full of potential." We learned about selling strategies, like how we need to keep persistent care of our brand and to plan ahead and keep track of everything. We were given the example of the Homesteaders. We're the ones who are going to go out there in the dirt to seek our land. This is our time to seek out our land and to start planning and planting our seeds.

Common pitfalls in this phase are not understanding that your land is new. It will take awhile for everything to mature and that you're going to make some mistakes along the way. One example that Ann gave to us was when she moved into her first house. She was so excited to get her garden planted. She loves Shasta Daisies so she thought planting them everywhere would be a great idea. Well, turns out Shasta Daisies only bloom for maybe a month out of the year. That one month every year, her garden looked amazing, but it looked bad for the rest of the year with dead stems. From this, Ann learned that amazing as daisies were, she couldn't just have daisies. She needed to diversify her land. Consultants in this phase need to learn to diversify and try different tactics. They also need to be patient as this is this stage where you're investing in the future.

II. GROWTH - Presented by Bob Hipple, in this phase we'll start to see the benefits of planting. It's still new and exciting, but people are a lot more aware of the brand. There's high-energy and fast growth in this stage too. One thing that Bob said that I liked was to prepare for the future. Don't move so fast that you forget to plan. Everything changes. Keep a positive attitude and forward thinking vision. Now is also the time to keep up the customer service and to follow up. Just because they say no now doesn't mean they'll say no later. One thing I also took away from this presentation was to keep your pipeline full! I'm fully adopting this line of thinking now and definitely planning ahead as best I can so I don't get a lull in my schedule.

In this stage, recruiting will be at its peak. People will become believers in the brand and they won't want to miss the boat. Be sure to build during this stage the best you can so you can prepare for the future. You will want to go as wide as you can so you can get a big frontline.

Some common pitfalls in this stage is believing that rapid growth will last forever. Just because it's easy now doesn't mean it will stay this way forever. You'll need to focus on width and retention. There isn't one way to do the business so be sure to think outside the box.

III. MATURITY - Maturity is the goal of every relationship. Andrew presented us with this phase. This is where you start to level off in the curve. You'll have an established brand, product credibility, and consistent sales from customers and team. Here you'll want to focus on using different methods to reach customers. You may want to change your strategy around and shake things up, but don't give up. A good quote we got here was, "Your sales will be a direct result of your work." An example Andrew used here was a certain consultant for another company whose rep ID was well in the 35,000 range. She trumped all the doubters and became the fastest growing ever in that company. She was an inspiration. She did things her way and didn't give up.

IV. DECLINE - Decline must be anticipated. Presented by Sterling, we learned that this stage is the goal of every business. This is when the company is solid. Brand awareness is reached. There is product credibility and consistent sales. Here you'll want to reinvent your company. Have people at every phase, stay involved at every level, and focus on a company within a company.

A common pitfall in this stage is assuming that slower growth means something is wrong. Growth naturally slows down in this stage. Consultants should still invest in new growth and opportunities, though, even in this stage.

This entire section of the day definitely set a tone for the weekend. Do you want acres or a garden box? Each are fine. It's up to you to decide which one you want, but you need to make sure you're willing to put in the time to maintain it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Leadership Unleashed! - Day 1

Perfectly Posh just held their very first Leadership conference! The theme was "Unleashed" and it was very appropriate. The tagline on our Leadership packet said, "Wild things are coming in 2012," and that promise was definitely fulfilled during our weekend there.

DAY 1:
We arrived to the Posh Office and were given a bag of goodies that included: our Leadership shirt, a Lei Away Slather, a Golden Mind Portobalm, a LipShot balm, an animal print pen, our Leadership packets, and some snacks. We were definitely all set for the weekend in that one goodie bag. I brought my own pen and notebook for notes, but I never needed to use them. I was also excited to see that everyone got product right off the bat which is awesome for anyone to build kits and inventory. We all signed a Leadership banner and were greeted by the founders. I've never been to any sort of conference before so it was definitely a great first impression to see the founders just milling around and easily accessible to talk to. Little did I know that they were going to be around the whole time and that we were all going to get to know each other.

Our first activity was an informal Fragrance Sampling and Feedback for the fall fragrances. It was in a room off to the side and people were able to participate if they wanted to. It was a lot of fragrances in one room and I definitely came out feeling a bit overwhelmed and light-headed, but it was lots of fun to see how different everyone's tastes are.

After some mingling and introductions, we loaded up in the charter bus and headed over to the Blue Lemon Restaurant for dinner. We started off with a scavenger hunt activity where we rushed around to be one of the first five people to complete the tasks to win a bag of Posh products.

During dinner, we were able to mingle and enjoy the food. I love Blue Lemon so I was very excited to have dinner there. We each got the chance to stand up and introduce ourselves and then we also had a Q&A with the founders. Some interested things we learned were that they each live in a different state and that Sterling loves the {Bombinator} to use as a car freshener.

Stay tuned for more Leadership posts to come...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Posh Stats

Here's what's going on with Perfectly Posh today! This was just posted on the Perfectly Posh Facebook page:
It's another Posh Pay Day! Congrats to everyone on an amazing January! Look at how far you've come in just 4 months:

623 Consultants as of this minute
104 Consultants have gone PINK
47 States (Where are you Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Delaware?)
$423,000 in sales and counting
53,658 Pampering items sold
It's so exciting to watch as Perfectly Posh grows! It was just 2 weeks ago at Leadership that we hit 560 consultants. Now we need to get some roots planted in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Delaware!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


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