Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Perfectly Posh | Quickstart Rewards Program

If you're new to Perfectly Posh, you are eligible to earn even more goodies in the first 60 days of joining in our Quickstart Rewards Program! Starting from the day you join, these goals are a great way for you to kickstart your business and there are plenty of resources and support offered to you from our home office and team. These are the goals that I would recommend any consultant familiarize themselves with so that they can reach for them or help their new team members reach for them. Everyone can earn with this rewards program!

Whether you're a new consultant or sponsor, I love that this program offers rewards for hitting milestones. Reach for these milestones with the help of your sponsor and be sure to help your new team members too! If you don't know where to start with Posh, this is what you should be taking a look at. Be sure to reach out to your sponsor to help you get off on the right foot too!

As a new consultant, the day you join is the start of your Quickstart period. This is super important to know before joining so that you can prep ahead of time to earn these freebies. If you've already joined and didn't know about this ahead of time, that's okay! Reach out to your sponsor and get some ideas going on how you can hit these goals.

Goals to hit and what you can earn:

  • 15 Day Quickstart: Hit $250 in personal volume. Earn 6,000 Perks, certificate and pin.
  • 30 Day Quickstart: Hit $500 in personal volume and 1 new team member. Earn 12,000 Perks, certificate and pin.
  • 60 Day Quickstart: Hit $1000 in personal volume and 2 new team members. Earn 18,000 Perks, certificate and pin, and personalized business cards. (This also means you've promoted to Pink which gives you a bump in commission!)

One thing to keep in mind is that these goals are cumulative and don't need to be hit in succession. For example, you can earn the 30 Day Quickstart Rewards without earning the 15 Day Quickstart. Alternatively, you can earn all of them and earn all of the freebies!

These goals really aren't as hard as you think they might be! With some planning and sharing your love of the products, you can definitely hit these goals! If you're thinking about joining Posh and are looking for a sponsor, I'd love to be considered and would love to help you reach whatever goals you might have.

Since joining Posh in December 2011, I've been far more successful here than I ever thought possible! This has been one of the best decisions I've ever made and I'd love for you to join me in this incredible journey. We have an incredible team from all over and plenty of support and resources to help you succeed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or you can also learn more HERE.

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