Friday, February 14, 2014

Perfectly Posh: Bar Soap

Since Perfectly Posh is a pampering company, we obviously have lots of different bath product options. Among all the options are a variety of different {Chunk} bar soaps that are made in the USA with natural-based ingredients which means it's all quality controlled with no yucky chemicals. These are perfect for daily use and even gentle enough for face washing.

{Chunk} Big Bath Bar
These soaps are ginormous. They're larger than your average bar of soap and they'll last you at least 60 days. I say at least, because these things will last for a long time as long as they stay out of the stream of the water. You can also ensure they'll go far by cutting them into chunks (for different bathrooms or to put some by your sink to wash your face). To cut them into chunks, you'll want to warm them in the microwave in 10 second intervals and cut with a knife. Be careful with the exfoliating bars because they're more likely to crumble so I wouldn't recommend cutting those ones.

Snarky Bar - Exfoliating Bar Soap

Whether you're looking for a detoxing charcoal soap, a caffeinated soap to energize you in the morning, or just a good soap to use, we've got you covered. We even have a Plain Posh line that is free of all dyes and perfumes for anyone who is sensitive. 

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